UFO Modular - miniProbe

UFO Modular - miniProbe

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Our Eurorack format miniProbe monitors power bus voltage, amperage and wattage, as well as internal case ambient, external case ambient and power supply voltage regulator temperatures.  Measure power spikes and easily set alarms to automatically disconnect the power bus when maximum current thresholds are reached.  

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Main Functions:

  • Ensure clean, safe, and reliable power for your system
  • Establish system or module power requirements
  • Perform power related tests to discover module specs
  • Protect your power supply from over-current draws
  • Troubleshoot individual modules or power supplies
  • Added layer of protection to guard against power related issues
  • Monitor voltage, amperage, wattage and temperature in real-time
  • Track Minimum, Average, and Maximum values
  • Set Alarms to trigger on critical power or temperature outputs
  • Monitor temperature of a module's front panel or voltage regulator


  • 3 Temperature Sensor Leads, 2 short, 1 long
  • Glow-in-dark Knob
  • Power ribbon cable


Available in Ribbon Cable or Screw Header versions, and for all Eurorack Power Supplies.

UFO miniProbe User Guide

Demo showing miniProbe monitoring TipTop's uZeus power module: